Start Up

You have an idea, lots of passion and limited funds. Most likely you have a co-founder. You know that you need to plan for the best but prepare for the worst.

While careful preparation and sensible choices will mitigate much risk it is often the less obvious things that can let you down. There is a significant benefit in taking legal advice. Lawyers are trained to focus on the detail, think ahead and plan for worst outcomes.

The difficulty is finding a lawyer who understands what life is like in a start-up, who is responsive yet affordable.

Allen Legal is a firm which focuses on helping early stage entrepreneurs. With 15 years’ experience in helping start-up companies you can learn from Mark’s experience and benefit from his advice and documents that are to the point and relevant for what you are trying to achieve. Our business model and use of technology allows us to offer fixed pricing and lower hourly rates. We are also more than happy to help you do more yourself.

In addition to helping with the raft of general issues that you will face, we have particular expertise in representing small companies engaging with public and multinational companies. We understand how they work and the value that a relationship with a larger company can bring to a start-up and are skilled at representing our client’s interests firmly but in a way that does not result in its new-found relationship being damaged.