Corporate and Commercial Law

For Startup and Emerging Businesses

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Corporate and Commercial Law

For Startup and Emerging Businesses
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Corporate and Commercial Lawyers for Startup and Emerging Businesses, their Founders and Investors.

Allen Legal is a specialist commercial law firm based in Sydney that provides entrepreneurs and investors with protection for their businesses and their investments through all stages of the business lifecycle – from startup to exit.  We have particular expertise in the technology sector.

We understand the rapidly changing dynamics of a rapidly growing business and provide clarity, assurance and expertise to ensure that your ideas and interests are protected with timely, accurate and commercial legal advice.  We take time to understand your circumstances and aspirations and offer our new clients up to one hour as a free first consultation* to ensure that our service and service delivery are appropriate for your needs.

Allen Legal was founded by Mark Allen, a lawyer with over 30 years of commercial experience. Mark is also an entrepreneur in his own right having founded a number technology start ups. This gives him a unique understanding of both the commercial and personal issues that affect the growth of your business from its inception to maturity.

Our legal staff also have a grounding in commerce as well as law, ensuring that our advice is always both commercially aware as well as legally accurate.

We pride ourselves in our willingness to go above and beyond in our desire to protect your interests. We understand your need for both responsiveness and accuracy in our work and promise to be with you every step of the way in your commercial journey, through both the good times and the bad.

* For new clients – up to one hour either face to face or via telephone.

Allen Legal assists you at all stages of entrepreneurial lifecycle:

From the development of your concept to the realisation of your exit strategy.

Our Expertise

Business Structuring

Choosing or altering a business structure has wide ranging implications for every business owner
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Shareholder Protection

Shareholder Agreements are the corporate equivalent of a pre-nup and are the essential foundation of any company structure.

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Capital Raising

Whether you are a business owner or an investor, sound preparation and due dilligence process is essentail to a successful transaction.

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Mergers & Aquisitions

Whether you are looking for an exit strategy or growth via acquisition, experienced, confidential legal advice is a must.

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Commercial Contracts

Soundly and clearly drafted contracts are essential for any business. They underpin its value and mitigate against risk.

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IP Commercialisation

Intellectual capital is the cornerstone of modern business. This capital is difficult to protect – particularly when you come to commercialise it.

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Our Team

Mark Allen

Mark Allen


Allen Legal was founded by Mark Allen, a lawyer with over 35 years’ experience. Since 1998 Mark has focussed on servicing the needs of companies in the development and commercialisation of their intellectual assets. Specifically he provides advice on the application of corporate, commercial and intellectual property laws to entrepreneurial activity. Mark worked in Australia and on cross border transactions in a number of jurisdictions, most recently Russia.

Mark has a passion for working with entrepreneurs, especially those bringing disruptive technologies and business models to market. As a founder of Legal Automation (a business that develops legal technology solutions) he has a unique understanding of the issues that affect the growth of a business.

Mark brings a blend of astute legal advice with a deep understanding of the commercial drivers for transactions that underpin the growth of the value of a company.

Luki Oswald



Angus Hunter

Marketing & Business Development



At Allen Legal, we recognise that there are more cost and time efficent ways of managing some legal processes that are traditionally handled by your lawyer.

Referencing the experience we have gained over many years practising commercial law, we have co-founded a business. Legal Automation, that develops prorietary software and cloud based solutions for time consuming but relatively straightforward legal services.  Our current suite includes the following platforms:

Company Box

Manage your company register and cororate compliance obigations in one place in the cloud.

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Contractor Control

Generate legally binding contracts for your contractors and audit proof your business.

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My Counsel

Gain access to a broad range of DIY legal contracts that save both time and money.

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Our office is located in the Sydney Start Up Hub within Fishburners on Level 2, 11 York Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

11 York Street is right above Wynyard Station.  Simply head up the York Street Escalator and turn left onto York Street, the Start Up Hub is just a 25 metre walk away from the station entrance.  We are on level 2.  Go to the Fishburners reception and they will call us.  Alternatively you can ring us on 8188 0909 and we’ll come and get you.

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